Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism may be defined as travel to natural areas that is beneficial to local economies, respectful of the environment and sensitive to indigenous cultures.

Increasingly, visitors are seeking these exact types of travel experiences and Oregon is on the forefront of these efforts.

Of course we love the environment, that’s why we do this.

We know that we must always leave a place better than we found it.


Outriders NW complies with U.S. environmental, consumer protection and labor laws while operating within the State of Oregon..

Outriders NW is a member of COVA, the local convention & visitors bureau, and Sustainable Travel International.

Outriders NW holds valid commercial use permits with agencies managing public lands in their areas of operation, when applicable.

Outriders NW always collaborates with private and public land managers to ensure that operations never harm sites of cultural or historical significance.